Benefits Of Organic Clothing

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Even though we know enough about the hazards of a harmful lifestyle, it is not easy to make lifestyle choices that are eco-friendly. That said, these days, many businesses and restaurants even are becoming eco-friendly in a huge way. For instance, many people are switching over to natural sources of energy like the sun, wind and so on. Even so, many people tend to overlook simple things that can make a huge difference. Organic clothing is one such.

The term 'organic' refers to a production system that supports bio-diversity and promotes soil biological activity. In this system of production, the use of harmful farm inputs are minimal and management practices adopted aim to maintain and restore ecological equilibrium.

- Did you know that even though cotton takes up 2.5% of all cultivable land, 25% of pesticides used and 10% of insecticides used are on cotton crops?

Although cotton is natural, it is subjected to various processes before it is ready to be worn. In the course of converting cotton to cotton clothes, the material is exposed to chemicals, softeners, brighteners and other toxins. When we use such clothes, we encourage the use of products that are not eco-friendly.

On the other hand, organic cotton clothing is produced without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Natural methods are used to ensure the growth of crops and prevent pests. These clothes are not subjected to harmful toxins or colors. Instead, natural colors and dyes are used. Thus, these clothes are totally natural.

There are several benefits in buying organic clothing.

- Organic clothing is easy on the human skin. Since these clothes are made from natural products, they do not cause skin allergies or reactions. Natural, organic fibers are hypoallergenic. Clothes made from natural materials like bamboo naturally destroy bacteria. This is particularly useful for people with sensitive skin and those with delicate skin like small children and babies.

- By using organic clothing, it is possible to bring down the level of environmental pollutants significantly. As mentioned earlier, traditional methods of farming rely heavily on the use of pesticides and herbicides, which in turn get into our soil and water systems, spreading allergies and other serious diseases. Since organic clothes are free of toxins, promoting their use reduces the amount of chemical and fertilizers that are used in farming.

- Organic clothing is more lasting than other materials. For instance, hemp and bamboo clothes last 100 times more than artificial clothes. Since the colors used for organic clothing is natural, they do not fade easily and do not cause any skin irritation.

- When cotton is heavily processed, it is stripped of the natural waxes found in the material. On the other hand, organic cotton has the natural sheen and oils of natural fabric. It is mold resistant and antimicrobial. It also naturally blocks UV rays and wicks moisture from the skin.

- Organic clothing is made through safe and fair work environment. As the growing process is totally non-toxic, employees and local residents are spared of exposure to harmful toxins and pollutants. The work environment is safe.

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Thus, the use of organic cotton clothing can and does make a huge difference.

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Benefits Of Organic Clothing

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This article was published on 2010/12/21