Can Clothes Be Organic?

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If you try and live an eco-friendly lifestyle then organic food, will I'm sure, be part of you weekly shopping but this article explores the growing interest in organic clothing.

Organic food has been with us a long time and it enables us to not only ensure we are not consuming chemicals and pesticides in our daily diets. It also means that the environment these products are grown in is also not contaminated and that what we consume is sustainable.

However, organic products are not just limited to clothing as many of the things we but are also manufactured from vegetables and plants, one of the most obvious being clothing.

The fabric that our clothes is manufactured from comes in two varieties: Man-made, such as polyester and nylon which use oil and other chemicals; and natural materials that come from wither plants (such as cotton) or animals (silk or wool).

Man-made fabrics, of course can not be organic as there very make-up is chemical based but when we come to buy natural fabrics, then surely, ensuring the environment hasn't been damaged in the process must be a concern.

Fortunately, clothes manufacturers are wising up to this growing concern amongst their eco-friendly and fashion conscious customers. A wide range of organic fabrics are now available and as more and more manufacturers are recognising the importance of organic clothing there is more choice than ever before.

Organic clothing made from cotton is produced only from cotton plants that are not grown using powerful herbicides and pesticides. Many of these cotton plants come from sustainable crops ensuring the planet's resources are being reduced in their manufacture.

Organic cotton is used in a wide variety clothing; organic baby clothes, organic children's clothing and organic clothes for women and men.

There are also a wide range of sustainable alternatives to traditional natural fabrics. Bamboo clothing is highly sustainable and has thermo-sensitive properties making it ideal for use in bamboo activewear.

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Can Clothes Be Organic?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27