How Important Are Organic Foods For Kids?

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Parents strive to do all they can to give their kids a great start early in life. Choosing great foods is one of those decisions that they want to feel good about. Children that have great eating habits from an early age are likely to do so as adults too. This means they will be healthier, be less likely to be overweight, and they will be less affected by various health problems throughout their life.

Many parents feel conflicted about offering organic foods to their children. The advertisements for organic baby food, juice, and other items continues to be offered and tugs them in one direction. Yet there are other sources of information that tell them that they really don't need to offer organic foods to their children. Understanding what is really of value and what isn't can help parents to base their decisions on fact and not just upon creative advertising.

When it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, organic foods don't offer any more nutrition than those which are conventionally grown. They don't taste much different either so don't worry that your children won't like them due to the fact that they are organic in nature. What you may find to be useful though is that your children won't be consuming any residue from chemicals.

With conventionally grown products not all of the chemicals are removed like they should be. Even when you take them home and wash them again there can be traces of it. Most people will tell you that people have been consuming these substances for decades without problems. Yet when you look at the many health problems in our society it can make you worry that some links may be due to these chemicals that we consume.

There isn't enough evidence to really know for sure because there are too many variables for such testing. What is known is that there have been pesticides that are banned due to what was later learned about them. It is scary to think some that are being used right now may later fall into that category.

Organically grown foods don't have any of those chemicals on them so parents can feel good about giving them to their family. When we have children our outlook on life changes. We see things through the eyes of the young and we worry about their future. So as parents we strive to make Earth as a whole better for them. One way to do that is to give them organically grown foods. The reduction on pollution for the land, air, and water is unbelievable.

One problem with organic foods though is the cost. Many parents are on a tight budget with all of the things that have to be paid for when they have kids. You may have to rearrange some spending habits in order to buy them organic foods. Another option though is to grow them at home. Even very young children can help with an organic garden. It can also be a source of family time for bonding and talking while tending to it.

Even so the decision to give your children organic foods or not is a very personal one. You should do it or not do it based upon your ability to do so and your thoughts about it. Don't feel pressured into doing so because your doctor or family tell you that you should do so. If it is something you feel strongly about then don't let other people talk you out of it. Do what you feel is best for your children so you can feel good about your role as a parent.

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How Important Are Organic Foods For Kids?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01