Organic Coffee- Enhance Biodiversity & Minimize Purchased Inputs

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Organic coffee is much more expensive to produce as compared to other products. Among various sustainable coffee niches, organic type has been experiencing the most rapid growth and it can be estimated at 12‐20 percent per year in USA and this leads to double the market every 5 to 6 years.

In the year 1999-2000, the exports of certified coffee were in the range of about 15 to 21 million dollars. But in recent years, more demands for organic foods can be noticed. Consumers give more value to protection of health and environment as compared to earlier times. This is the reason why high rise in demand for organic beverages can be noticed.

Market experience more supply of products and this led to decline in organic coffee premiums and primary markets are located in US and other countries. In US, certified organic coffee actually accounts for about 3-5 percent of specialty coffee market.

Organic option is known to indexed to world market prices and receive a premium of US$.10‐

.50/lb above general category of beverages. And the variation in premium can be noticed due to quality characteristic features. Premium is market-based in two distinct ways. The first way is the premium above the market price of conventional options. It has been observed that premium stays the same when prices are found low and thus organic price go down with the market.

The second way is the premium is market based which means it is determined by demand and supply in the market. If supply matches with the demand growth, the premium falls down.

Organic coffee is much expensive to produce as land is required three times the labor of conventional coffee plot. It can be said that production methods is the biggest cost concerned with organic

production. It actually takes around three years to receive certification and in order to receive premium price, the investments on initial labor by producers are formidable.

Another essential cost concerned with the organic coffee production is the certification process. A range of international standards as well as organic seals are there which are followed by leading producer organizations to gain certification to sell products in different markets.

Certification includes paying to labor and certification costs to document compliance with organic norms. From the above discussions, it can be said that the producers consider several aspects like ideal production methods, standards of production, certification and much more to serve the clients with high quality organic coffee in US.

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Organic Coffee- Enhance Biodiversity & Minimize Purchased Inputs

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Organic Coffee- Enhance Biodiversity & Minimize Purchased Inputs

This article was published on 2012/02/27