Organic Lipstick - The Kiss of Life

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A kiss is a thing of beauty - it excites, invigorates, inspires and is one of the most intimate expressions of love that we have. The effect of a kiss should never be taken for granted. It therefore makes a lot of sense to ensure that the lipstick that you use improves your kisses and makes them as unforgettable as you are.

Organic lipstick is made from naturally occurring organic ingredients that are skilfully blended into an array of exciting and enchanting colours and textures. There is an organic lipstick available for every mood, personality or occasion.

Since organic lipstick products are made without the use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients, it is very healthy for you and for the person that you decide to enchant with a kiss. You may smooch or French kiss with total confidence without being concerned about the chemicals that are used in traditional lipstick products. The organic ingredients that are used in organic lipstick moisturizers your lips and as any experienced kisser will be able to tell you, moist lips rock.

If you kiss someone when you are wearing organic lipstick, you will not only be sharing your love you will also share minerals, vitamins and organic moisturizers. You will in effect be providing the object of your affection with a healthy dose of lip care. During all of this your own lips will look naturally beautiful and will be an object of desire.

Some people find the taste of traditional lipstick off-putting and this can impact negatively on the power of your kisses. Organic lipstick tastes better due to the organic products that are used and the lack of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The fact that these products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable is a big plus and allows you to kiss someone that you love without having any feelings of guilt about not looking after Mother Nature.

All of us have our favorite movie kiss of all times and have dreamed of being kissed by our favorite Hollywood star at one time or another. When we meet someone that we are attracted to, one of the first things that we think about is whether he or she is a great kisser. In our relationships our first kiss is something that we always remember. We can think back to our first kiss fondly, sometimes with humor and at times as something to forget.

With kisses playing such a big part in our lives, looking after you lips should be a priority. Some of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients in traditional lipsticks may cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. I do not think you want your kiss to be remembered by someone as the cause of a rash or hospital visit. Make the right choice, change to organic lipstick and give the person that you love a kiss of life!

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Organic Lipstick - The Kiss of Life

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This article was published on 2010/10/02