Scent of a Flower: Supporting the Organic movement for Perfume

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Most workplaces and schools have introduced a regulation to keep their environment “scent free”. This has much to do with the symptoms that synthetic
perfumes often trigger in people that can cause water eyes or asthma related respiratory irritations. Organic perfume is a chemical free alternative to conventional perfumes with unique combination of organic and natural essential oils. No harsh or harmful chemicals are used in making Organic Perfume while offering healthy, pure natural fragrances.

The basic ingredients contained in organic perfume are natural and organic oils, distilled water and an organic natural grain alcohol. Choosing perfumes made from organic flowers eliminates environmental issues that have to do with growing flowers like the regulation of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. While synthetic methods may be cheaper and lessen the hassle of labor-intensive organic farming, the amount of chemicals used is more hazardous to your health. Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource and is refined using harmful chemicals and additives. These additives have linked to causing cancer and therefore puts Organic perfumes a worthwhile option to your everyday perfume.

Shopping for organic perfume is not as easy as walking into your regular department store. Most organic beauty products including perfumes are found online and embrace the traditional ways to extract fragrance and oils from plants naturally. Natural fragrances are subtler than the ever-popular celebrity endorsed versions and luckily, you don’t have that smell lingering on you for days.

However, organic perfumes tend to only last a few hours that might deter the traditional consumer back to its synthetic counterpart.

In contrast to conventional scents, you can recognize all the ingredients in organic perfumes. The complexity of synthetic materials do not have to be listed on the label and unfortunately are categorized as “fragrance” or “parfum”.  These potentially harmful ingredients cause safety concerns with regards to what chemicals are absorbed into your skin.  A report conducted by the US National Academy of sciences state that 95 percent of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum.  While it may sound alarming, the occasional use of synthetic perfume won’t do you any significant harm.

As a consumer, your decision to use organic beauty products like perfume will depend on how important using sustainable resources are. Converting to organic perfumes will have you wearing fragrances that resemble a more natural and earthly aroma. As stated earlier, a bit of research needs to be done to find out where you can get organic perfumes. There are a lot of online resources that can help you make your own using organic essential oils that are found in most health food stores.  The advantage of making your own perfume is creating a harm-free product based on the natural fragrances you love while controlling the strength of the aroma.  

Think of it as not only doing due diligence to sustaining an environment free from toxins and also respecting those who have severe allergies to fragrances. Organic perfumes do not use animals to test their products so there is comfort in knowing that our furry friends won’t be harmed just to make us smell like a pretty flower.

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Scent of a Flower: Supporting the Organic movement for Perfume

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Scent of a Flower: Supporting the Organic movement for Perfume

This article was published on 2011/11/17